1. Past Project: Wood Treating Facility Remediation

    A Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) consent order required that a former railroad tie treating plant be demolished. Olympus was contracted to characterize, stabilize and dispose of creosote work tank contents and demolish the facility. Olympus inventoried and characterized the tank residues. Each tank was accessed and the contents stabilized with kiln d…Read More

  2. Past Project: Chlorinated Solvent Release – Investigation and Remediation

    A chemical products distributor contracted Olympus to provide groundwater monitoring, site assessment, and soil and groundwater remediation services for chlorinated solvents that had been inadvertently released from underground product storage tanks. Monitoring indicated that groundwater had been adversely impacted and a dissolved chlorinated solvent plume was migrating offsite. Olympus initiated …Read More

  3. Past Project: Crude Oil Spill Cleanup in Stanford, Montana

    Olympus Technical Services provided rapid response to a ruptured pipeline which released over 200,000 gallons of crude oil onto surrounding land and into a nearby stream. Crude oil had ponded on the ground surface but could not be recovered by pumping. Olympus personnel assisted in obtaining necessary permits to burn the fuel and provided field support during the burn. Olympus recovered fuel from …Read More

  4. Past Project: Oilfield Property Transfer in Montana

    Olympus conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for the sale of oilfield properties that included an oil and gas field, tank batteries, an associated central processing facility, and three natural gas compressor stations, all located at separate properties. The property owner was able to address recognized environmental conditions identified during the assessment while negotiating …Read More

  5. Past Project: Dry Cleaner Facility Fire in Helena, Montana

    Olympus Technical Services, Inc. responded to a tetrachlorethylene spill that resulted from a fire at a dry cleaning facility. Olympus’ first task was to complete an inventory and provide containment of various cleaning chemicals that survived the fire. The inventory was compared to a pre-release inventory to assess the potential releases from the fire. Olympus segregated the recovered chemicals…Read More

  6. Past Project: PCB Spill from Transformer Fire in Columbia Falls, Montana

    A transformer fire resulted in the uncontrolled release of approximately 1,100 gallons of oil containing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs). The release impacted surrounding soils, gravel, and a containment system consisting of a catch basin, piping, and an oil/water separator. Olympus excavated and loaded into roll-off containers 400 tons of contaminated soil and 300 tons of contaminated gravel. Th…Read More

  7. Past Project: Mercury in Soil Assessment, Montana and Wyoming

    Olympus was contracted by a regional utility company to conduct environmental assessments at 474 active and inactive natural gas delivery metering stations for the presence of mercury. Site assessments were conducted through field screening of soil samples with a mercury vapor meter and immunoassay field kits and submittal of confirmation samples for laboratory analyses. The assessments identified…Read More

  8. Past Project: Comet Mine in Jefferson County, Montana

    Olympus completed site characterization, engineering design, repository stability monitoring, and construction management for Phase II of the Comet Mine and Millsite Reclamation Project. The Comet Mine was ranked #10 on the abandoned mine priority list for Montana. The site characterization included drilling and sampling to evaluate waste chemistry and volumes remaining after the completion of Pha…Read More