1. Olympus Technical Services, Inc. | Direct Push Drilling | Geoprobe®

    Direct Push Drilling: Changing the World of Site Characterization Our Rig Olympus’ Geoprobe 7822DT direct push drill rig is an extremely cost-effective tool for completing various types of site investigations. Projects range in size from delineating small roadside releases to conducting large scale investigations at major industrial facilities. Using direct push technology we can collect soil, w…Read More

  2. When Is Environmental Consulting Necessary?

    With a team of civil, geological, and environmental engineers, Olympus Technical Services, Inc. is fully equipped to provide your business with the leading environmental consulting services during your next project. However, you may not know exactly when receiving an environmental consultation from an expert is necessary. Fortunately, in today’s article, we will be taking a look at a few of the …Read More