1. Past Project: Lead Ore Concentrate Spill in Dillon, Montana

    A truck transporting lead ore concentrate was en route to a smelter and had an accident. The lead concentrate was released into a wetlands area adjacent to the Beaverhead River. Olympus was responsible for acquiring the necessary permits including a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers 404 permit, a State of Montana 3A permit, and the Montana 310 law notification for the work. Olympus mobilized to the sit…Read More

  2. Past Project: Comet Mine in Jefferson County, Montana

    Olympus completed site characterization, engineering design, repository stability monitoring, and construction management for Phase II of the Comet Mine and Millsite Reclamation Project. The Comet Mine was ranked #10 on the abandoned mine priority list for Montana. The site characterization included drilling and sampling to evaluate waste chemistry and volumes remaining after the completion of Pha…Read More