1. Past Project: Decommissioning a Used Oil Storage Tank in Helena, Montana

    The City of Helena contracted with Olympus Technical Services, Inc. to decommission and remove a 2,000-gallon waste oil tank from the yard of their vehicle maintenance facility at 3001 E. Lyndale Ave. The city had been using used oil stored in the tank to heat the shop, but sludge had built up over time and decreased the storage capacity of the tank by a third. Olympus opened the tank and allowed …Read More

  2. Past Project: Investigation and Analysis of Solids in Municipal Storage Tank Leads to Cleaning/Removal

    Staff at the City of Helena’s Missouri River Water Treatment Plant (MRWTP) had intended to repurpose a steel storage tank previously used to store alum. Even though the tank had been cleaned, when sodium hydroxide (lye) was added to it, it created a chemical reaction that burned a hole in the tank wall and left about three cubic yards of dense foam inside. Olympus Technical Services was contract…Read More